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Lucy Abel Smith and Harriet Landseer specialise in tailor-made tours to all parts of Central and Eastern Europe, to countries we have explored and enjoyed for many years. Our philosophy is to bring out the richness and diversity of these, often neglected, regions where against all odds, strong artistic and intellectual traditions remain.

Reality and Beyond in 2018

We are pleased to announce that 2018 with see the third edition of the Transylvanian Book Festival, organised by Lucy.

From 13th - 16th September, we will be hosting visitors in and around the wonderful village of Richis, Transylvania.

In the Country : About the Country

From Versailles to Constantinople we will learn of the richness of Transylvanian history. There will be talks about about Louis XIV and a rebel prince; The Sublime Porte and the Transylvanian Princes; Queen Marie of Romania; the Prince of Wales Trust and more…

Click HERE to visit the book festival website

Meanwhile for those who equally wish to take advantage of the beautiful spring in Central Europe and the Balkans we now have a wonderful and highly-recommended circle of tour organisers who are top quality operators – we are happy to suggest itineraries that are tried, tested and exciting:

Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, the Macedonian part of Greece

Maja Mazenkoska and Alexander organise tours to the whole region. maja@simoniumtravel.com.mk

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visit Tito’s recently-opened bunker just outside Sarajevo with Edin Ogresevic. Visits also organised to Mostar. edin.ogresevic@yahoo.com


Andrea Hadik can organise tours around Hungary. Indeed, we are asking her help with another visit to Budapest to visit Miklos Banffy’s life there this October. I very much recommend a visit to Pecs and to the 1526 battlefield of Mohacs. hadik.andrea@gmail.com

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