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We have both been traveling to SILESIA for the past 10 years or more, and it is a delight to stay in the......Click to read more. BERLIN is such a rapidly-changing city that is important to be guided by one who knows what is going on.......Click to read more. Within easy reach of Vienna are some of the Czech Republic’s greatest houses and collections.......Click to read more VIENNA is a city one can revisit endlessly and in 2013 it will be a top destination for decorative arts......Click to read more. Rich in minerals, wool, flax and shrewd merchants in the late Middle Ages, Slovakia was on one of the great trade routes of Europe......Click to read more. As Jan Morris wrote, TRIESTE stands for everything that is exotic about Central Europe......Click to read more. Dubrovnik is at once grand yet intimate enclosed by sturdy ancient walls over one mile in circumference......Click to read more. LJUBLJANA is the smallest and most intimate of Europe’s capitals, but vitally important in terms of 1920’s architecture......Click to read more. We have designed a weekend traveling to PÉCS in Western Hungary, European City of Culture in 2010......Click to read more. ROMANIA is Lucy’s territory, as she has a house in the ancient Saxon village of Richis......Click to read more. This country is only the size of Wales, the terrain and lack of infrastructure make it one of the most exciting......Click to read more. We have taken several tours to Macedonia. It suits those who love wild landscape and fine Byzantine frescoes......Click to read more. That THE CRIMEA captures the imagination is in part due to Edmund de Waal and in part to Tennyson and Chekhov......Click to read more. John Osborne led a fabulous tour to BULGARIA in September 2012......Click to read more.