Dubrovnik is at once grand yet intimate enclosed by sturdy ancient walls over one mile in circumference yet the city is open to the sea. It is best visited outside of the tourist season so the fine city planning and churches can be seen at a slow pace. Over the years we have built up a good portfolio of private visits including fine 16th century gardens and interesting villas of the Renaissance.

Diocletion’s Palace in Split, influenced Robert Adam and today wandering around the ruins into which the old town is built is an extraordinary experience. This and Zagreb, the capital make a most interesting week’s journey.

The coast line of Montenegro is attracting huge investments from those who want to surround themselves with lush mountains and dramatic coast line. The tiny villages on the sea board are influenced by the Venetians but the Austrians too are much in evidence. We visit such charming villages as Perast and Kotor and the strange town of Cetinje where every nation had a tiny consulate and the Vlachs, a church.