That THE CRIMEA captures the imagination is in part due to Edmund de Waal and in part to Tennyson and Chekhov. In late September 2012 Lucy ran an exciting tour from the legendary Hotel Bristol in Yalta where we were met with champagne at 2 a.m. We visited the battlegrounds of Sevastapol and Balaklava, as well as the Romanov and Vorontsov palaces whose names are familiar from the infamous Yalta treaty of 1944. The Tartar Palace of Bakhchisaray is a reminder of the last of the Golden Horde in the Crimea. The gardens and arboreta in the Crimea are worth the visit alone, hence we are running a specific tour this June. Picnics were provided for the night train to Odessa. Staying in the famous Londonskaya, Odessa was welcoming and vibrant, while the Opera House interior was wonderfully over the top and the ballet superb.

‘Unforgettable! I cannot wait for your next venture.’

‘I so much enjoyed the wonderful and well-arranged trip to the Crimea. The personal input with all the special extras and care made this an unforgettable journey for me.’

‘The group was enormous fun to be with’

LVIV and KIEV are the next destinations we are working on in this region. Lviv is entrancing with really fine churches and delightful squares that are still a beautiful backdrop to the lives of real people.